Outsource Delivery Solution

If you need to move products or packages on an adhoc or scheduled basis, you have two options. You can either try to bring your delivery and logistics services in-house, or you can partner with a third-party delivery service. We manage your delivery function on your behalf, so you can focus on running your business. With professional storage, pick & pack, inventory control, shipping, and logistics capabilities, we offer our clients cost-effective, professional, and reliable outsource delivery services. We believe our clients should retain full control over our services, which is why we offer custom delivery and logistics solutions.

We will handle all aspects of the regular movement of your goods, including warehousing when necessary. Companies with no internal transportation department get the benefit of a large-scale transportation operations & professional approach.

As a third-party delivery provider, we work along with any part of your business.

Dedicated Delivery Resource

Dedicated delivery resource service allows companies to completely outsource their logistics needs, while maintaining benefits as if they have their own internal logistics / transportation / delivery services. Customers don't need to worry about hiring staff, buying equipment or handling the complex processes of the supply chain.

Click to brick delivery solution

We like a challenge and never shy away from finding a logistics solution for our customers, whether it's transporting large volumes, awkwardly sized goods or working on tight deadlines. Our network of customer service centres and professional approach works to offer a solution to even the most unique customer situations. Our comprehensive suite of services along with our No Limits philosophy means we can assist with every day delivery needs for local, regional and international.

Pick and Drop Solution

The flexible logistics solutions of Parcel Drop-off and Hold for Collection makes Bykriders one of the most accessible parcel delivery service providers to business and direct consumers in UAE. We understand our customers are increasingly mobile and have unique needs across multiple industries.

Pick and Drop Services are designed to service the needs to direct consumers. The web platform enables the consumer to get delivered or picked up on adhoc basis.

For instance, if you forgot your wallet / mobile or laptop charger at your home

No worries! BYKRIDERs will have it picked up and will handover it to you!